Entry #5

Pico's School Photoshoot

2010-04-29 01:29:07 by JoshuaDavies

Pico's School Photoshoot is completed! Robert Bryce Milburn and I recreated the legendary NG Flash submission using real models and locations. The pre-production phase took about three weeks and the entire shoot took about six hours. A lot of work was put into this, but it was all paid off in the long run. Read more about the shoot and view more photos at Bryce's blog!

We even included a video showing behind the scenes of the shoot. The things we do to entertain you people.

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Happy Pico Day NG! And happy birthday Tom!

Pico's School Photoshoot


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2010-04-29 17:43:37

^_^ Great job.


2010-04-29 21:17:17

bryce has more comments on his post

JoshuaDavies responds:

Hahaha, and you have more comments on your post.


2010-05-01 15:09:59

we should all comment on joshua's page so he gets more comments <3

JoshuaDavies responds:

I think that's a beautiful idea. <3 <3 <3